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Children again face injuries from strong magnets

Children in Kentucky and across the country faced threats of injury from small and extremely strong magnets when they hit the toy market several years ago. Several children were hospitalized, and the magnet toys were banned as a result. The small balls can be swallowed. Once inside the digestive system, they can pull together and cause injuries severe enough to threaten lives and require surgery. With their small size and intense strength, the danger of these objects can be far greater than those of typical magnets. These rare-earth magnets are around 30 times stronger than the traditional magnets people often use on refrigerators.

Judge allows case against online retailer to progress

It can be convenient for residents of Kentucky to purchase goods from third-party retailers that list products through large online retail sites such as Amazon. However, it can also be frustrating to try to receive compensation if an injury occurs because of a defective product. In the past, Amazon has claimed that it is not liable for injuries from products sold by third-party vendors. However, a recent court decision calls that claim into question. 

Which cars have the most recalls?

When you buy a new car in Kentucky, you naturally expect that you can safely drive and operate it. You do not expect that it will have life-threatening defects. Nor do you expect that your new vehicle will be recalled. Unfortunately, however, reality may well not live up to your expectations.

Lawsuits prompt drug company to report opioid deaths to FDA

The opioid epidemic has hit Kentucky and several neighboring states hard, and between civil lawsuits and criminal arrests of executives, both the citizenry and the government are taking steps to hold pharmaceutical manufacturers responsible for the role they have played in the crisis.

Looking back at major recalls in February 2019

Auto recall notices are relatively common. These official alerts are the result of investigations into automotive parts problems. As such, corroborated with specialized testimony, they may become essential articles in various types of Kentucky auto-related injury cases.

Vehicle recalls-ignore or take seriously?

If you receive a recall notice about your vehicle, you may be like other car owners in Kansas and throughout the country and ignore it. Manufacturers send out recall notices about safety concerns of a particular vehicle so the owners can fix the problem at no charge to them. Because recalls typically relate to safety issues, it is important to schedule an appointment for repair as soon as possible. Even if it seems like a small, non-safety related issue you should take care of it so it does not become a bigger problem later.

Manufacturer knew baby powder contained cancer-causing substance

Many women across Kentucky and the United States have used baby powder in their personal hygiene routines for years, but a recent investigation into the product long rumored to cause cancer has revealed some new and troubling information. The investigation revealed that, not only does baby powder contain trace amounts of asbestos, which is a known carcinogen, but that the baby powder manufacturer knew this, but neglected to inform the public. At the Law Office of Richard Hay, we recognize that the manufacturer’s failure to inform the public of product risks placed thousands of Americans at risk, and we have helped many people who suffered hardship because of defective or dangerous products seek recourse.

Is my space heater a fire waiting to happen?

As you know, utility bills are expensive, especially in the wintertime. To save on heating costs, you might turn your thermostat down and run a space heater. These little appliances are useful for heating small areas and keeping utility costs down for Kentucky residents, but they can also be dangerous. In fact, space heaters are considered one of the top causes of home fires and burn injuries in the country.

Understanding medical device recalls

At the Law Office of Richard Hay, we realize that many Kentuckians have undergone surgery to have a medical device implanted in their bodies, such as a pacemaker, stent, artificial hip, etc. Often these devices malfunction or fail, and when they do, their manufacturers or the Food and Drug Administration recall them. As the FDA points out, however, a recall may not necessarily mean that you must immediately rush to your doctor’s office demanding a new surgery to replace the recalled device.

Understanding pacemaker failure

Patients in Kentucky who have undergone a surgical procedure to implant a pacemaker should be aware that these medical devices tend do malfunction far more often than their manufacturers acknowledge. Such was the finding of a recent study reported by Nova, the popular PBS series.

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