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Sitting in the back of a car could be risky

In recent years, automakers have added a variety of features to make cars safer to ride in. However, many of these features are designed to help those riding in the front of a car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, says that more needs to be done to protect rear passengers traveling on Kentucky roads and highways. Doing so may be even more important in an era when people hire drivers from companies such as Uber or Lyft.

How ignition interlock devices prevent but also cause crashes

A total of 34 states, including Kentucky, have some sort of law regarding the use of ignition interlock devices among DUI offenders. IIDs are breath tests that connect to a car's ignition and require drivers to blow alcohol-free breath before starting their car. While the car is in motion, it requires "rolling retests" to ensure that a driver is not drinking behind the wheel.

NHTSA reports slight drop in traffic deaths

Traffic accident fatalities in Kentucky and around the country that have surged in recent years dropped slightly in 2018 according to a recently released report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NHTSA figures indicate that road deaths were down by 2.4% in 2018 and are on track to fall by 3.4% in 2019. The federal watchdog says that advanced automobile safety technology like automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning systems are largely responsible for the fall in accident fatalities, but the data suggests that these features do little to protect the nation's most vulnerable road users.

Are Kentucky teens at greater risk for car accidents?

Over the past few years, the nationwide number of teen driver fatalities has seen an increase. In 2017, there were 1,310 teen driver fatalities across the United States compared with 1,127 in 2013. As a parent in Kentucky, you may feel alarmed at these statistics and wonder what kind of risk your own teenage drivers face. 

Drunk driver responsible for death of couple

When people choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, the results can be catastrophic. Although people may feel as though they are able to drive, the effects of alcohol may cause altered perceptions, reduced response times and delayed reactions that could cause a major car accident. The legal blood alcohol content level in Kentucky is 0.08%; however, alcohol can have an effect at 0.05% BAC and lower. Even drivers who are below the legal limit run the risk of causing a deadly car accident. Drinking and driving can be even more deadly at night. Reduced light sources in itself can cause driving hazards, including vision problems and difficulty determining the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles.

Is hands-free cellphone usage really safe?

If you are like most Kentucky residents, you probably have hands-free technology in your car or truck that allows you to use your cellphone while driving without having to touch it. This probably gives you the illusion that you are driving safely even though you are talking or texting on your phone while doing it.

Chronic sleep problems and driver fatigue

When someone has trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep, their life may be adversely affected in a multitude of ways. They may experience challenges in the workplace because they are so tired, or they could face health problems due to a lack of sleep. However, sleep problems can be especially concerning when it comes to auto accidents since driver fatigue is responsible for many of the collisions that take place. Sadly, fatigued drivers place many lives at risk when they get behind the wheel.

Why is it riskier to drive at night?

Even when the sun sets in Kentucky, cars, tractor trailers and motorcycles still fill the roadways. Whether you are rushing home from work or are just going out to spend the evening with friends, driving at night can be more dangerous than driving during daylight hours. In fact, the National Safety Council reported that your chances of being involved in a fatal car accident are three times greater at night than they are during the day.

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