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November 2019 Archives

Birth injuries that are often associated with medical malpractice

The safety surrounding pregnancy and labor is always progressing. Procedures and protocols improve along with the technology available, so there tend to be fewer risks associated with childbirth as a whole. However, unfortunately, birth injuries are not entirely avoidable, and some children suffer injuries that impact their entire lives.

The top reasons behind truck accidents in Kentucky

When an accident occurs involving a commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle, those in the passenger vehicle are more likely to get hurt. Therefore, it's important for all drivers to understand why large vehicles get into accidents. In some cases, wrecks occur because the truck is not properly maintained. This could result in worn brake pads or other serious issues with the vehicle that can make it harder to control.

Massive raw chicken recall and the dangers lurking at the store

There are many rules about how to properly handle uncooked poultry that people should follow in both their home kitchens and in restaurants to prevent food-borne illnesses. To keep people safe, poultry must come from inspected processing plants. Refrigeration or freezing of uncooked chicken is necessary to prevent bacterial growth.

Truck accidents occurring with more frequency

In 2017, 4,102 people died in crashes involving large trucks on roads in Kentucky and throughout America, and this was a 29% increase since 2009. According to government data, 68% of those who died were occupants of passenger vehicles while another 14% were either pedestrians or people on motorcycles. The number of fatal accidents involving large trucks is three times the rate of fatal accidents overall.

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