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July 2019 Archives

Judge allows case against online retailer to progress

It can be convenient for residents of Kentucky to purchase goods from third-party retailers that list products through large online retail sites such as Amazon. However, it can also be frustrating to try to receive compensation if an injury occurs because of a defective product. In the past, Amazon has claimed that it is not liable for injuries from products sold by third-party vendors. However, a recent court decision calls that claim into question. 

Acne-light mask recall stems from potential eye injuries

For many teenagers and even adults, acne is the bane of their existence. There are many kinds of acne from which people can struggle, from simple individual whiteheads and blackheads to painful cystic acne which can be disfiguring and very difficult to treat. It's no wonder that so many people are desperate to find acne treatments that can help them resolve their serious skin issues.

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