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December 2018 Archives

Is my space heater a fire waiting to happen?

As you know, utility bills are expensive, especially in the wintertime. To save on heating costs, you might turn your thermostat down and run a space heater. These little appliances are useful for heating small areas and keeping utility costs down for Kentucky residents, but they can also be dangerous. In fact, space heaters are considered one of the top causes of home fires and burn injuries in the country.

What happens if a driver without good insurance crashes into you?

As a responsible Kentucky driver, you likely do everything in your power to avoid contributing to a crash. From performing proper maintenance on your vehicle to driving with caution, the things you do can impact how much risk you have on the road. Unfortunately, nothing you do can prevent someone else from causing a crash.

Kentucky Supreme Court rules against medical review panels

Medical malpractice is a serious concern that impacts thousands of Americans every year. Whether a doctor fails to diagnose a serious condition or leaves an instrument in a patient during surgery, medical malpractice can have extreme physical and financial consequences for its victims. The right to bring a lawsuit against a doctor is often the only way a patient can recover from the malpractice.

A look at voice-activated devices

Using a hands-free or hand-held cellphone while driving can be a deadly practice. Distracted driving leads to serious car accidents, injuries and even death. In the height of cellular device use, vehicle manufacturers pushed voice-activated technology as a way to limit driver distraction. Drivers can simply speak out commands, compose texts, play music and perform other functions while keeping their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. A study released by AAA shows, however, that there are variances between voice-activated systems, and while some are safer than others, all still cause a significant amount of cognitive distraction.  

What are the common traffic dangers during the holiday season?

As you know, you can be in an accident whenever you get into a vehicle. However, some times of the year are more dangerous than others. You and other Kentucky residents should understand that many traffic dangers are increased during the holiday season.

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