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Information to look for following a commercial truck accident

Commercial truck accidents in the Somerset area are more complicated than typical auto accidents. Collisions that involve commercial trucks may end up including additional parties in the matter than just the driver who struck your automobile. To make sure you do not lose out when you seek injury compensation, you should know what information to collect following the wreck.

First, assuming that your life is not in immediate danger and that you can walk under your own power after an accident, you should gather the same kind of information that you would look for if you were hit by a car. Use your phone to take pictures of the truck’s license plate. Additionally, find out the truck driver’s name as well as any auto insurance information that the truck driver has on hand.

Follow these tips to reduce your car accident risk

Driving through Somerset is just as dangerous as driving through any other city in Kentucky. This is because there are thousands of people on the road all operating large pieces of machinery that can easily cause severe injuries and death if handled improperly. This means that each driver has a responsibility to follow traffic laws and practice safe driving habits, not only for their own protection but for the protection of other people on the road.

Simply by practicing safe driving techniques, you can drastically reduce your chances of becoming involved in a car accident. Here are a few ways you can lessen your risk of a car wreck.

What goes into an accident reconstruction?

If you have ever been involved in a Kentucky motor vehicle accident, you likely are familiar with the accident reports that local law enforcement officers submit, including the sketches of the accident scene that notes which vehicle ended up where and from which direction. What you may not be aware of, however, is that trained accident reconstructionists exist who can and do conduct much more in-depth accident investigations.

As explained by the Kentucky Bar Association, an accident reconstruction is similar to a crime scene investigation. Its purpose is not so much to discover who caused the accident as it is to determine exactly what happened and how it happened. To do this, the reconstructionist usually, but not always, goes to the scene as soon as possible after the accident and searches for evidence found in or on the following:

  • The vehicles themselves
  • The roadway
  • The environment

Understanding medical device recalls

At the Law Office of Richard Hay, we realize that many Kentuckians have undergone surgery to have a medical device implanted in their bodies, such as a pacemaker, stent, artificial hip, etc. Often these devices malfunction or fail, and when they do, their manufacturers or the Food and Drug Administration recall them. As the FDA points out, however, a recall may not necessarily mean that you must immediately rush to your doctor’s office demanding a new surgery to replace the recalled device.

A recall can mean one of the following three things:

  1. The device may be defective.
  2. The device may pose a health risk.
  3. The device may be both defective and pose a health risk.

Learn what to do after a product recall

You purchased the latest widget sold by Acme Enterprises. It worked well for you for its intended purpose. You considered yourself a satisfied customer.

Out of the blue, you happen to read a report about a product recall of that very widget you bought. Despite the fact that you have never had any problems with your widget, you are uncertain what you should do next.

Natural remedy manufacturer announces product recall

Many parents, for whatever reasons, are more comfortable giving their youngsters medications and remedies that are made from all-natural ingredients as opposed to those churned out by "Big Pharma," to which the nation's pharmaceutical is frequently referred.

Perhaps treating their children with nature-based supplements is just a corollary to the organic lifestyles that these families lead. Other parents may worry that their children's tendency to experience food and medication allergies might be alleviated by using only organic supplements and tonics. But chances are good that they don't expect these medications to be contaminated.

Understanding pacemaker failure

Patients in Kentucky who have undergone a surgical procedure to implant a pacemaker should be aware that these medical devices tend do malfunction far more often than their manufacturers acknowledge. Such was the finding of a recent study reported by Nova, the popular PBS series.

Based on the research of a University of California physician, the 35-month study tracked down all the San Francisco people who suddenly died, regardless of cause. If the decedent’s body contained a cardiac device, the researchers removed and examined it. They were stunned at the results: a full 50 percent of these devices were defective. The defects ranged from drained batteries to serious mechanical failures.

What are common causes of truck accidents?

As a motorist in Kentucky, you may be familiar with driving alongside commercial tractor trailers on a regular basis. These massive vehicles are vital to the economy, as they distribute necessary goods across the state and throughout the country. Due to their length, height and weight, tractor trailers must be operated by specially trained drivers who know how to handle large vehicle. Tractor trailers pose a serious danger to other vehicles on the road. It is critical that you understand what causes truck accidents, so you can minimize your risk of being involved.

One common cause of catastrophic accidents involves drowsy, drunk and distracted truckers. Truck drivers should keep their full attention on the road at all times to be able to react to vehicles that pull in front of them, slowing traffic and construction zones. Bad weather conditions, including rain, fog, snow, ice and wind, can cause trucks to jackknife, tip over or slide. If trucks are loaded improperly, the load can shift during the course of travel and increase the risk of the trailer tipping over.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the highway

Another major automaker has issued a recall of some of its models due to a defective part. Recently, Ford announced they were recalling approximately 550,000 SUVs and cars sold to consumers in North America.

The problem appears to lie with the gearshifts. The bushing connecting the transmission to the shifter cable is prone to breakage. Should that occur, while it would appear that the vehicles were in park, they could suddenly roll away.

How dangerous are hip replacements?

If you are one of the many Kentuckians who received a metal-on-metal hip replacement prior to 2014, you should be aware that this medical device could be damaging your body without your realizing it. As reported in The New York Times, if you still suffer pain in that hip today, it may be due to the fact that your hip replacement is destroying your tissues around it

In the story reported by the Times, the patient was himself a doctor who underwent a hip replacement in 2006. His artificial hip was a Johnson & Johnson ASR XL metal-on-metal hip. Throughout the next five years, he experienced so much hip pain that he finally asked colleagues to remove the artificial hip. What they found was horrific. The metal hip had leaked cobalt into the patient’s entire hip area. The result was metallosis, a condition caused by the buildup of metal debris. The metallosis had destroyed not only the patient’s surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons, but also had damaged his brain and heart.

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