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Could the costs of your crash exceed the available insurance?

Like every other state in the country, Kentucky has laws controlling how people drive, limiting their ability to do so under certain circumstances. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and adults must comply with the law in their state if they want to operate a motor vehicle on public roads.

One of the conditions for you legally driving on public roadways is obtaining a license for yourself as a driver and registering and licensing your vehicle. However, you also need to carry liability insurance on your vehicle or the state won't let you drive legally. If you drive without insurance, you are subject to ticketing and liable for any damage you cause at the wheel.

Dangerous baby sleepers could put your infant at risk at daycare

As a new parent, you know how difficult it can be to get your baby to go to sleep. There are numerous products available that allow your baby to sleep in a comfortable position while still close to you. Unfortunately, not all of these products are as safe as you might assume they are.

Recently, a popular kind of inclined sleeper with a coated metal base and a fabric cover got recalled because of its connection with numerous infant deaths. Unfortunately, as many parents do not register baby products, parents may continue using these sleepers without realizing that they are putting their babies at risk.

Are Kentucky teens at greater risk for car accidents?

Over the past few years, the nationwide number of teen driver fatalities has seen an increase. In 2017, there were 1,310 teen driver fatalities across the United States compared with 1,127 in 2013. As a parent in Kentucky, you may feel alarmed at these statistics and wonder what kind of risk your own teenage drivers face. 

Unfortunately, the statistics are not very encouraging. Kentucky New Era cites data sourced from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in reporting that the annual average rate of teen driver fatalities in Kentucky is the highest of any state in the nation. More specifically, for every 10,000 licensed drivers age 19 or younger in the state, 3.47 lose their lives in car accidents every year. 

Judge allows case against online retailer to progress

It can be convenient for residents of Kentucky to purchase goods from third-party retailers that list products through large online retail sites such as Amazon. However, it can also be frustrating to try to receive compensation if an injury occurs because of a defective product. In the past, Amazon has claimed that it is not liable for injuries from products sold by third-party vendors. However, a recent court decision calls that claim into question. 

The issue first arose in 2015 when a woman from Pennsylvania was walking her 70-pound dog using a retractable leash attached to a collar that she had purchased from a third-party seller through Amazon's platform. According to reports, the ring of the collar suddenly broke and caused the leash to snap backward. It struck the woman's left eye with enough force to permanently damage her vision in that eye. 

Acne-light mask recall stems from potential eye injuries

For many teenagers and even adults, acne is the bane of their existence. There are many kinds of acne from which people can struggle, from simple individual whiteheads and blackheads to painful cystic acne which can be disfiguring and very difficult to treat. It's no wonder that so many people are desperate to find acne treatments that can help them resolve their serious skin issues.

For years, people have used astringent face cleaners, prescription facial creams and even pills like Accutane to control the development of acne. Recently, the bath and beauty company Neutrogena began marketing a new solution in addition to the masks, cleansers, foams and creams they already sell.

What are common injuries from a rear end crash?

The injuries that you face in the aftermath of a car crash will sometimes be determined by where your car was hit. Today, we will examine rear end collisions and the injuries commonly associated with them. defines rear end collisions as a car crash in which the back of one person's vehicle is struck by the front of the vehicle behind them. Often, these crashes are considered "mild to moderate", but they can range up to severe.

Semi-truck, bus involved in fatal Kentucky crash

State authorities in Kentucky closed down a stretch of Interstate 65 near Bowling Green, Kentucky, for most of the day last Thursday after an SUV allegedly collided with a semi-truck and a Greyhound bus carrying 37 passengers. The crash resulted in the death of the SUV driver. Multiple people aboard the bus, including the driver, required transportation to the hospital for injuries.

The SUV reportedly hit both the bus and the semi-truck head-on while traveling northbound in I-65's southbound lanes, for reasons that are still unclear. The collision occurred during the early morning hours. The SUV caught on fire as a result, and authorities pronounced the driver dead at the scene. Occupants of the semi-truck included a driver and passenger, neither of whom reported any injuries. 

E. coli recall draws attention to dangerous strain

Kentucky is an interesting place to live. In some respects, it's beautiful and has a lot of fresh, open areas. In other places, cities are tight and congested. No matter where you travel in the state, one thing you'll find is the possibility of recalls.

One such recall happened just a few days ago on June 11 when Kroger recalled beef products sold throughout the state. The company announced that it had several beef products that it believed had been contaminated with E. coli. As a result, some beef products sold throughout northern Kentucky were recalled.

Which cars have the most recalls?

When you buy a new car in Kentucky, you naturally expect that you can safely drive and operate it. You do not expect that it will have life-threatening defects. Nor do you expect that your new vehicle will be recalled. Unfortunately, however, reality may well not live up to your expectations.

Per a CBS News report, a high recall rate can and usually does indicate the likelihood of a car’s overall reliability problems. Therefore, knowing a specific make and model’s recall rate, especially over time, can greatly help you when you go car shopping.

Ford recall is an example of how vehicle defects cause crashes

Your car is the way that you travel safely from place to place. You probably take every step you can think of to keep yourself and the people you ride with safe on the road. Unfortunately, there are things that are beyond your control.

You have no power over how other drivers behave before or during their time behind the wheel. You also have no control over mechanical issues or defects in your car that have yet to present any warning signs. This is particularly true for owners of newly purchased or leased late-model vehicles.

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