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Medical Review Panels – Supreme Court to decide

Medical malpractice has been up in the air in Kentucky since the Medical Review Panel Act (KRS 216C) went into effect in June. This required that all allegations of medical malpractice be reviewed by a panel before being allowed to proceed to trial.

The act was declared unconstitutional, appealed, and fast-tracked to the Kentucky Supreme Court. We should know shortly how they decide and how medical malpractice can proceed.

Toyota recalls vehicles due to air bag-related defect

Automaker Toyota – which operates its largest manufacturing plant right here in Kentucky – has recalled an estimated 49,000 vehicles in North America to repair an electrical problem that may prevent its air bags from inflating in a crash.

The recall primarily affects 2016 Toyota Prius hybrid cars; 2016 Lexus RX vehicles; and 2015-2016 Lexus NX vehicles. Toyota made the announcement on Jan. 31. The recall, however, affects an estimated 645,000 vehicles worldwide.

Man walks around with metal in his stomach for four years

After having surgery in 2013, Glenford Turner discovered the Veterans Affairs hospital in Connecticut had unknowingly sent him home with a special gift. Four years later Turner went in for an MRI for a separate medical issue. Doctors quickly found a sharp metal  instrument had been left inside the man's body. The machine's magnetic field made the five-inch scalpel handle move in his stomach. According to a study cited by the Washington Post, in the United States, approximately 4,500 and 6,000 times per year a foreign object is left behind during a procedure.

Proving medical malpractice in Kentucky

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