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Birth injuries that are often associated with medical malpractice

The safety surrounding pregnancy and labor is always progressing. Procedures and protocols improve along with the technology available, so there tend to be fewer risks associated with childbirth as a whole. However, unfortunately, birth injuries are not entirely avoidable, and some children suffer injuries that impact their entire lives.

While some birth injuries are unavoidable, others are a product of medical malpractice and could have been theoretically prevented if the hospital staff and processes were competent enough. If your child has suffered due to birth injuries, you may have considered whether you think that their injuries were avoidable. If you think that the injuries could have been prevented by hospital staff, you may be able to make a medical malpractice claim. The following are some of the most common birth injuries that are associated with medical malpractice.

The top reasons behind truck accidents in Kentucky

When an accident occurs involving a commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle, those in the passenger vehicle are more likely to get hurt. Therefore, it's important for all drivers to understand why large vehicles get into accidents. In some cases, wrecks occur because the truck is not properly maintained. This could result in worn brake pads or other serious issues with the vehicle that can make it harder to control.

Trucks that are built using defective parts are also more likely to be involved in crashes. In collisions caused by faulty brakes, electrical components or other parts, multiple parties could be liable for damages. Those parties may include the truck driver, truck owner and the manufacturer of the part itself.

Massive raw chicken recall and the dangers lurking at the store

There are many rules about how to properly handle uncooked poultry that people should follow in both their home kitchens and in restaurants to prevent food-borne illnesses. To keep people safe, poultry must come from inspected processing plants. Refrigeration or freezing of uncooked chicken is necessary to prevent bacterial growth.

Timely cooking to an appropriate internal temperature and the careful chilling of any leftovers intended to be reheated and consumed later are also important for preventing food-borne illness among those who eat chicken and other kinds of poultry. One risk factor most chefs won't be looking for is the potential presence of tiny pieces of metal in the chicken they intend to cook.

Truck accidents occurring with more frequency

In 2017, 4,102 people died in crashes involving large trucks on roads in Kentucky and throughout America, and this was a 29% increase since 2009. According to government data, 68% of those who died were occupants of passenger vehicles while another 14% were either pedestrians or people on motorcycles. The number of fatal accidents involving large trucks is three times the rate of fatal accidents overall.

Some believe that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is at least partially to blame for the problem. An investigation revealed that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has long recommended that the NHTSA adopt rules to make commercial trucks safer. These rules would include the use of forward collision avoidance systems. While this wouldn't eliminate all heavy truck accidents, those who have studied the issue believe it would be the most effective at making roads safer.

NHTSA reports slight drop in traffic deaths

Traffic accident fatalities in Kentucky and around the country that have surged in recent years dropped slightly in 2018 according to a recently released report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NHTSA figures indicate that road deaths were down by 2.4% in 2018 and are on track to fall by 3.4% in 2019. The federal watchdog says that advanced automobile safety technology like automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning systems are largely responsible for the fall in accident fatalities, but the data suggests that these features do little to protect the nation's most vulnerable road users.

The NHTSA road safety report shows that pedestrian fatalities rose by a worrying 3.4% in 2018, and cyclist deaths increased by an even more alarming 6.3%. Pedestrian deaths have risen by more than 50% since 2009, and the 6,283 pedestrians struck and killed by motor vehicles in 2018 make up the highest such death toll since 1990 according to NHTSA.

Are you familiar with these commonly misdiagnosed conditions?

Imagine a situation in which you visit your doctor to discuss what you consider to be a serious medical concern. If you hear that it's nothing major, you're sure to walk out of the office feeling better about yourself.

Unfortunately, just because your doctor says you don't have a major ailment or illness doesn't make it true. There are a variety of commonly misdiagnosed conditions, including the following three:

  • Cancer: Not only is cancer commonly misdiagnosed, but when this happens it can result in additional health-related concerns. The longer you go without treating your cancer, the greater chance there is of it spreading to other parts of your body. Some types of cancer are more commonly misdiagnosed than others, such as lung and breast.
  • Heart attack: Sharing symptoms with other less serious ailments, such as indigestion, can lead to the misdiagnosis of a heart attack. Your medical team should run all the necessary tests to determine if you're suffering from a heart problem, or something that's not nearly as serious.
  • Stroke: The symptoms of early onset stroke, such as weakness and dizziness, are often associated with other ailments, such as the flu. Just the same as a heart attack, your doctor should run tests to determine if a stroke is a possibility.

Trucker fatigue and the ELD rule

Even if they have never been involved in an accident, people who live in Kentucky know that motor vehicle accidents can and do happen on a rather regular basis. While a good number of accidents may not cause serious harm to any people, other accidents change lives forever in the blink of an eye. Lifelong injuries and disabilities or even fatalities impact not only those directly involved but their family member, friends, employers and more.

When it comes to accidents in which a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle is involved, fatigue is one factor that has received a lot of attention in the last few years. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enacted a new rule a few years ago that reduced the maximum number of hours a truck driver could work in a single work week and in a single workday. The rule also outlined requirements for break times each week and each day.

Professional drivers and distracted driving

Commercial vehicle drivers in Kentucky spend so much time on the road that they may think nothing of multitasking behind the wheel. However, distracted driving is dangerous for both drivers and passengers, and it is important for professional drivers to minimize these distractions.

Some commercial vehicle drivers may think they are not distracted if they are not on their cellphones. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that cellphones are not the only sources of distractions. People also take their attention off the road when they use their navigation system, change the radio station and eat or drink. However, cellphone use behind the wheel is also dangerous. People may easily drive the length of a football field if they look at a text message for five seconds. It is important for professional drivers to take distracted driving seriously because it can sometimes result in fatalities. In 2017, distracted driving resulted in the deaths of 3,166 people.

How your doctor jumping to conclusions could hurt you

Anyone who has worked the same career for some time typically develops a strong knowledge base related to their profession. For example, the barista at your favorite coffee shop probably remembers your regular order, even if you prefer your latte with no foam and double espresso. However, they could run into issues if they assume that everyone who wants a no foam latte prefers that extra shot of espresso.

The same kind of mental trap can happen to medical professionals. When they see people presenting the same kinds of symptoms day after day, they may tend to associate those symptoms with particular conditions or lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, that can lead to a physician making an assumption about the underlying cause of symptoms that fails to rule out the actual condition causing their issues.

How can truck driver fatigue impact you?

Kentucky residents who share the road with truck drivers also may experience some of the unique risks associated with trucks. Today, we at the Law Office of Richard Hay will examine the impact of fatigue on truck drivers and how it can in turn impact you.

First of all, any fatigued driver is going to be a dangerous one. Exhaustion seriously impairs a driver's ability to function. In fact, driving while sleep deprived can actually be comparable to driving while under the influence in terms of how badly your reflexes, attention, and thought process can be affected. Drivers are less capable of stopping themselves from getting into crashes and more likely to make the mistakes that can lead to them.

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