Impaired drivers are a danger during the holiday season

The holiday season is the perfect time to get together with friends and family. Those same holidays, however, also create a perfect recipe for serious car accidents to happen due to increased traffic, inclement weather and an increase in impaired drivers. As the Daily Independent reports, Kentucky State Police (KSP) are preparing for the holiday season by cracking down on impaired, distracted and aggressive drivers. The crackdown is particularly welcome during a year that has seen an increase in the number of people killed on Kentucky's roads and highways.

Dangerous holidays

As USA Today reports, holiday driving can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Many more people tend to be on the road during major holidays, often on long trips to visit loved ones. That increase in traffic in itself creates more opportunities for things to go wrong. Furthermore, between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve the weather may be poor, with roads becoming wet or icy.

The risk from impaired drivers also increases during the holiday period, especially around New Year's Eve. Impaired driving, for example, was a factor in 42 percent of all U.S. traffic fatalities that occurred during the New Year's holiday between 2007 and 2011. By comparison, impaired driving contributed to 35 percent of Christmas traffic fatalities.

Deadly Kentucky roads

The KSP recently announced that they would be conducting Operation RAID (Remove Aggressive, Impaired and Distracted drivers from Kentucky Roadways) during this holiday season. While the KSP tends to increase traffic safety enforcement every holiday season, this year they will also be focusing on enforcing seat belt and child safety restraint laws.

The campaign comes at the end of a year that has seen an unfortunate increase in the number of deaths on Kentucky's highways. The KSP says that 652 people have died in highway accidents in the state this year as of November 19. In comparison, there were 585 traffic fatalities by the same point last year.

Motor vehicle accidents

As the above article shows, dangerous drivers are a risk on Kentucky's roadways, particularly around the holiday season. A reckless or negligent driver can cause an accident that leads to serious injuries for innocent victims. Anybody who has been injured because of another driver's potentially careless behavior should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. An experienced attorney may be able to help crash victims pursue such financial compensation, which can help ease the challenges they face during their physical recovery.